Father-of-the-Bride Speech


How to write a Father-of-the-Bride speech

Father of the bride wedding speeches are some of the more heart-felt and personal speeches of the day and give the bride's father an opportunity to express his feelings. As Father-of-the-Bride, you'll be setting the tone for the evening. You will have certain 'duties' that have to be carried out but the style and format can be as relaxed as you want it to be.

When planning your speech, think of some anecdotes of your daughter's childhood and her time growing up; just make sure it's nothing that would embarrass her too much! Focus on the Bride – your daughter's special day, how beautiful she looks today and her achievements so far – her schooling, her career, her hobbies, her character and the little things that contribute to her personality. You may also want to offer some light-hearted advice to the newlyweds about how to create a long-standing marriage. This is also a time to welcome your new son-in-law into your family and thank his parents for their input and support in the run up to the big day.

Aim on delivering this speech for 5-10 minutes. Traditionally you will also be speaking on behalf of the Bride's mother. Cue cards are a great tool for speeches and make sure you have rehearsed several times. The end result should be that the guests can feel the pride and love you genuinely feel for your daughter and that you are delighted to welcome the Groom to your family no matter how much you think she could have done better. Here's what your speech should cover:

Delivering your Father-of-the-Bride speech

1. Welcome the Groom's parents, other relations and friends of the families

2. Thank people who have assisted in organising the wedding/reception

3. Compliment the Bride on her appearance

4. Speak of the Bride's achievements and family life

5. Congratulate the Groom and welcome him into your family

6. Offer advice to the newlyweds and wish them well

7. Propose the toast to the Bride and Groom